Chatree Songsamphant

Bachelor of laws (LL.B), Thammasat University, Barrister-at-law, Thai Bar Association, Master of laws (LL.M), Thammasat University (Major: Criminal Law), Lawyer License, Law Society of Thailand. 

Mr. Chatree gives advice to several leading companies in Thailand and multi-national corporations. Mr. Chatree also specializes in contract regarding sale of goods, international trade contract, dangerous goods registration and business law. He dedicated himself in the following practice areas such as civil case, criminal case, international arbitration case, and bankruptcy case and heritage management case. He used to assist his client in submitting defendantís answer in criminal case to the Anti-corruption committee† Prah Vihear Temple case. Furthermore, he was recruited to join the secondment project in a group of japanese companies. In addition, Mr. Chatree used to be a speaker for Ramkamhang University regarding the construction contract.






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