Areas of Practice

1. Dispute Resolution
1.1 Litigation:
  Civil, Criminal Litigation including Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Construction / Real Estate and Environment, Corporate, Intellectual Property and International Trade, Labour and Employment, Transportation and Insurance, Telecom and Energy, Taxation and Execution of Judgments.
1.2 Arbitration:
  International and Domestic Arbitration in the same areas as Litigation and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards.

2. Legal Consulting
2.1 Banking and Finance:
  Loan Agreements, Mortgages, Pledges, Guarantees, Syndicated Loans, Assignments, Novations, Project Financing, Trade Financing, Finance Leasing, Hire Purchasing, Legal Opinions for Loan Transactions, Securities, Underwriting Agreements, IPO, Regulatory Compliance, Security Derivative Instrument Transactions, Securitization, Legal Advice and Opinion.
2.2 Construction, Real Estate and Environment:
  Construction Agreement.
  Environment, Industrial Pollution Control, Clean Technology Transfer and Licensing, Health, Safety, Natural Resources and Energy Conservation, Hazardous Substances, Waste Minimization and Treatment, Eco-Labeling, Polluter-Pays-Principle and Corporate Environment Liability, Environmental Impact Assessment, Reforestation.
Private Client Services:
  Nationality and Family Law, Marriage, Divorce, Estate Law, Wills, Probate, Estate Administration.
  Sales, Purchases, Mortgages, Leasing, Property Survey, Investigation and Development.
2.3 Corporate:
Company Formation:
  Company Formation, Joint Venture Companies, Formation of Joint Venture Companies Pursuant to Joint Venture Contracts.
Corporate Contracts:
  Sale of Shares, Sale of Business/Assets, Joint Venture Contracts.
Corporate Securities:
  Acquisitions and Mergers, Stock Exchange Listings, Securities, Conversion of Private Companies to Public Companies.
Investment in Thailand:
  General Advice on Forms and Manner of Investment.
  Registration of Regional and Representative Offices, Alien Business Licenses, Regional Operating Headquarters Licenses, Board of Investment Promotion or Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Approval, Factory Licenses, Work Permits, Immigration, Permanent Residence Permits.
2.4 Insolvency:
  Financial/Debt Restructuring and Business Reorganization.
2.5 Intellectual Property and International Trade
Intellectual Property:
Patents and Trademarks:
  Searches, Registration and Prosecution in Thailand and Other Countries, Recordal of Changes, Annuity Payments, Oppositions, Cancellations, Renewals, Watch Services, Registration of License Agreements.
  Subsistence, Filing, Recording, Foreign Registration and Filing, Enforcement.
Geographical Indications:
  Searches, Registration of Geographical Indications .
  Searches for Infringement, Registrability and Validity Analysis, Inventor Search, Franchising Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements.
International Trade:
  Sale of Goods, Trades, Services, Management, General Commercial Agreements, Government Contracts,Import and Export Licensing, Consumer Protection, Product Liability, Foreign Paper Service.
2.6 Labour and Employment:
  Employment, Work Rules and Regulations, Unions, Workmen's Compensation, Social Security, Provident Funds, Safety, Strike Management and Control.
2.7 Taxation:
  Personal and Corporate Income Tax, Stamp Duties, Petroleum Income Tax, Property and Land Tax, Signboard Tax, Customs Duties, Excise Tax, Double Taxation Treaties, Specific Business Tax, Tax Planning, Planning and Registration in Value Added Tax (VAT).
2.8 Telecom and Energy:

Client On-Line Business Agreements, Internet Transactions (Thailand and Abroad), Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media Matters, Power Purchase Agreement.

3. Administrative Court Matters

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